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What has happened to us? Despite all our medical technology, we’are sicker than ever! Two out of every three of us (in the USA) are overweight. Cases of diabetes are exploding. About half of us are taking at least one prescription drug. Major operations (bypass surgery) have become routine.

Autism rates have gone from 1 in 5,000 to 1 in 88! (according to CBS news) in just a few years! Could it be because we don’t even test most of the chemicals in our food supply? Could it be that so many toys (and food) is imported from China (lead)? Could it be because mercury laced dental fillings in pregnant mothers is leaching into their fetus? Could it be the lead in our air and water from coal plants have something to do with it? Something is causing this alarming increase… and we need to join forces and make the world more Greenscious!

Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the country’s three leading causes of death – even though billions are spent each year to “battle” them. Plus, millions of us are suffering from all types of degenerative diseases.

Could it be there’s a single solution to all of these problems? A solution so simple, that it’s mind-boggling that more of us haven’t at least tried it for a few months – or even taken it seriously?

The movie above changed my life! It finally offered the PROOF I needed to start taking ACTION! What I didn’t expect was that after the first week (when you’ll feel terrible because of all the toxins you’re eliminating)… You feel SO MUCH BETTER… that you realize that you didn’t really need caffeine and sugar to wake you up in the morning – and keep you going in the afternoon… You feel so great after a while that It’s the easiest “diet” to stay on – because it’s not a diet really… it’s a new way of thinking about food. I CAN eat anything… but I really don’t want to… since my dad, uncle and aunt all died from stomach cancer!

Al little about me. I have always been healthy (I thought). My blood-work, blood-pressure was always normal… even though I was 274 lbs! That’s what happens when you SLOWLY put on weight… You THINK the way you feel is normal “for your age”… Sure I felt tired if I exercised… doesn’t everyone? I had body aches if I did something around the house… doesn’t everyone?

The fact was that I was kidding myself. I rationalized my situation by telling myself that I did stop eating at fast food places for over a year (which was true), but I neglected the fact that I was still eating pizza and hot dogs when I went to the Big Box Store (Sams Club) when I bought groceries…

Then for the first time in my life my bloodwork and urine test came back with some warning signs… higher than normal blood sugar levels and more cholesterol than was healthy (although doctors tend to go overboard on this)…

Well, this really scared me since my father had recently passed… and although he was over 80, his quality of life (and lifespan) was negatively affected for many years due to diabetes and stomach cancer (which run in his side of the family).

Fortuantely, my Niece and Sister send me a link to this movie (and others)… and they reached me when I was FINALLY in a state of mind to FORCED MYSELF TO WATCH THE WHOLE MOVIE!  So, even if you don’t feel like it… PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE MOVIE!

Now after 2 months I’m more excited than ever… Food has much more flavor! I Feel GREAT and I’m glad to report that I’m losing weight, have much more energy, no join pain, don’t get tired in the afternoon and most importantly… ALL my tests came back normal!

Now it’s up to you! It’s important for you to watch the entire movie… AND it’s you DUTY to help spread the word!

Please click the links below to let people know that the most terrible diseases we get (specially in the USA) plus all the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, and even reversed! Simply (I’m not saying it’s easy at first!) But if you stick to it for just one month – you’ll be hooked for life!


P.S. Also note that apart from what is said here, you should also buy some high quality pro-biotics to stop your gut from giving you sugar cravings and help absorb vitamins. And lastly, get yourself a juicer and rebounder to jog on a few times a day… it’s fun, and naturally detoxifies your body by activating your lymph system.

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